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Mediation Services

One of the most difficult transitions a couple, or family, can face is divorce and separation. It is a time when two people will experience psychological, physical, emotional, and financial change all at once, and it can be very overwhelming. It is also a time of redefinition for each member of the family, including children, who can be greatly impacted. All the while, you may feel lost from being so overwhelmed.

Even in this most difficult time, however, help is available. The shock on all members of the family, including children, can be dramatically minimized with the right guidance and tools. Divorce and separation does not have to be malicious and unkind or even long and grueling. In lieu of a third party making choices for your family, you can be empowered to do a better job yourself. After all, you know what’s in the best interest of your family.

Mediation: The Better Separation

Looking for an alternative to court? During this process, the mediator, serves as a neutral third party that does not represent either person, and facilitates a process that allows the parties to resolve the dispute and come to an agreement. The alternative is going through a court process where a third party makes those decisions for the members of your family based on information presented by expensive attorneys, regardless of costs in both monies and familial acrimony. In mediation, the outcome is dependent upon what you and your spouse deem to be in the children’s and both your best interest—a self-determined agreement.

Why Mediation Makes Sense:

  • Takes less time than court

  • Less of a financial burden

  • Self-determined future through mutual agreement

  • No outsider or third-party decisions

Mediation with Dr. Christina Migliara

There are mediators with many different backgrounds: attorneys, retired judges, and therapists to name a few. Dr. Migliara, however, comes from a therapeutic background, having experience in the field of marriage and family and addiction issues for more than 10 years. Divorce and family mediation are very difficult transitions—transitions that are more than a business transaction, but a process that requires a deep understanding of the therapeutic tools used in marriage and family counseling. Because of this unique understanding, we offer a different approach to mediation, determined to find the best outcome for you and your family.

Oftentimes in divorce, children are involved, a reason for the caring touch of therapeutic mediation.  The fact remains that while the family is changing its shape, it will always be a family due to the ties that bind it. This important fact becomes another reason why it is imperative to transition properly.  

During the separation process, emotions run high and decisions, if not thought through, can have negative, long-lasting impacts on the families future compatibility.  Decide how you want to approach this process. Remember, this is not just saying goodbye to someone you shared some memories with; this is a major life transition—one that will impact the rest of your life, and Dr. Migliara is the compass that can help you embark on this journey.

Mediation Services
Mediation Services
Mediation Services